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What fits your 'thumbprint'

Helping you achieve your best self

  • Rockstar Program

    Every week
    8 week nutrition education/ coaching program
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • Initial nutrition consultion
    • Daily communication
    • Weekly virtual check ins
    • Grocery list/meal preparation planing
    • Health coaching
  • Nutrition Coaching

    Utilizing the Five Food Languages- Hand Method Certification
    • Examining history through food
    • Evaluating current nutritional needs
    • Setting goals based on personalized needs.
    • Guiding food and nutrition wellness
    • Discussing food mapping techniques
    • Stress reduction activies and tools
    • Better understanding of nutrition and food/chemical make up
    • Learning habit forming techniques
    • Identify physical vs mental hunger
    • Enrichment of happiness
    • Certification provided upon completion of course
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